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Executive S&OP Meeting

During the S&OP meeting, executives from across the key areas of the company come together to review the key performance indicators for the business (sometimes called the “vital signs”) and to review and approve the proposed sales and operations plans for each of product family.  They must resolve any outstanding issues that require resolution.  A typical agenda for this meeting is:   

  • Special Issues (that have come up since the Partnership Meeting and that might affect decisions here)

  • Overall performance (vital signs)

  • Family by Family Review

    • Most recent performance, trends by family

    • Sales and Operations Plans (units and dollars)

    • Assumptions, vulnerabilities, opportunities

    • Product changes or introductions

    • Changes to plans

    • Financial implications

    • Options, proposals, further action needed?

    • Issues for review in the future

    • Update and agree

  • Special Projects

  • Review of Minutes

  • Critique of Meeting