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Partnership Meeting

This is truly a cross-functional meeting of key people from Manufacturing, Materials and Purchasing, Sales and Marketing, New Products, and Finance.  It often includes Engineering, Quality and Human Resources.  Many companies consider this the most effective communication meeting that they conduct and see it as the appropriate mechanism to “break down” the organizational silos of their hierarchical organizations. 

It usually occurs several days prior to Executive S&OP meeting

Typical activities that occur during the Partnership Meeting include:   

  • Review plans, assumptions, risks

  • Resolve market implications to product allocations

  • Review new production introductions

  • Financial/business plan reconciliation and strategic alignment

  • Develop new plans/resolve supply and demand mismatches

  • Identify alternatives/scenarios

  • Develop consensus or proposals, at minimum define issues clearly

  • Package recommendations and proposals which can be forwarded to the Executive Meeting